History and news related to exploration and investigation beyond Earth's atmosphere

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered two tiny dwarf galaxies called Pisces A and B.

Scale-Compass Image for Pisces A and B
Source: Hubblesite.org

NASA’s Hubble Telescope astronomers conducted the first search for atmospheres around temperate, Earth-sized planets beyond our solar system, uncovering clues that increase the chances of habitability on two exoplanets.

Source: Hubblesite.org

Scientists used exoplanet data from a single instrument on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to uniformly characterize a group of 19 hot Jupiters previously studied with Hubble. The new findings suggest that clouds or haze layers could be preventing a substantial amount of atmospheric water from being detected by space telescopes.

Hot Jupiter with Hidden Water
Source: Hubblesite.org

Using data from NASA’s three Great Observatories, astronomers have found clues for how giant black holes formed so quickly.

OBJ29323: One of Two Distant Supermassive Black Hole
Source: Hubblesite.org

Astronomers found a near-record supermassive black hole that weighs 17 billion suns and lives in a cosmic backwater community of a few galaxies.

Black Hole in NGC 1600
Source: Hubblesite.org

Hubble Space Telescope astronomers found that the nearest quasar is powered by a double black hole.

Quasar Host Galaxy Markarian 231
Source: Hubblesite.org

Orbital Science’s two-stage Antares rocket burst into flames on launch from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The rocket was carrying a commercial unmanned spacecraft loaded with an estimated $200,000,000 in food, water, experiments and other gear for the International Space Station astronauts.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft launched on a mission to collect data and images of Pluto.

New Horizons Spacecraft

PHOTO CREDIT:  National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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